Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost A Week

Tomorrow is Friday, the time pass really very fast, but I like this way. This is because that i can get rest on Sunday.

I really feel very tired doing all those working and part time job. But think deeply, I can get more money by that, I will just force myself to do it. If count properly, actually in a day I have work at least 11 hours. It is a very long time actually.

On the first day I started my full time job, I felt that the job is quite boring and sleepy. But after few days, it is tiring but the time pass very fast when I'm teaching the children in the Nursery. I have tuition every night from Monday to Friday, maybe on Saturday will have another tuition on form 4 students starting from next week.

I think I'll love Sunday very much because I can rest for the whole day. Really hope that there is no tuition on that day in the future too....

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  1. makes me think of...

    go tuition also tired, teach tuition also tired xD