Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shopping Time

Just got my salary, and New Year is very very near, so I asked Wai Li, Yeon out for shopping. We had made this decision few days ago and because of this I didn't go out yc with them on Wai Li's birthday night. This made Wai Li very very sad and angry of me... Sorry!!!

I woke up at 7am this morning, quickly wash me car because the car is really dirty and I feel shamful to let the 2 pretty lady to sit into my dirty car. I don't feel good today either, I got bad flu and I think I got this virus from where I work and hospital. (The place where I work, there are some got flu and cough too. I went to visit Harn Wei who was in Hospital because of Denggi. )

At around 9.30am, my daddy only bring me go eat breakfast. I only manage to return home at around 10.10am. Quickly wear a proper cloth, and put some make up then only go to fetch Yeon. I was a driver to them today. When I was make uping, Yeon sms me and ask me to go abit late cause she wasn't well prepared. So I went to fetch her at 10.33am. After her, Wai Li's turn.

The first destination is East Cost Mall. Before we started to shopping, we went visit Mr. Tai Wei Hong and Mr. Lee Jun Yan. Mr. Tai gave me 2 limau. lol... Then we first went to some 'foot' shop then only went to Sasa. I managed to buy myself two shirts from M&G, a pants from Padinni, masks from Sasa and Elianto, and some nails polish from Sasa. The actual purpose we go to E. C. Mall is to shopping, buy things that we like. Wai Li only manage to buy herself nail polish but Yeon didn't buy anything at all. She just managed to buy herself lunch... LOL. wtf..

After shopping, we went to eat our lunch at the food court behind the mall. Jun Yan join us this time for lunch... We were teasing Wai Li, and she was blushing when we teasing her... lol. Wai Li treat me for lunch. Then we went to find Ah Kee. Since we were there so we go visit him lo, if not he will say that we never go visit him although we went to East Cost Mall. wtf

Then we went to the next station at around 3.15pm. The next station is Kuantan Parade!!! I then fetch the two pretty lady to Kuantan Parade. But still, Yeon didn't buy anything again. Some more she still got tuition class at 4pm. She just looked around and remember the brands then ask her mom to bring her to buy it next time. She went back after that soon, just left Wai Li and I continue shopping.

Nothing to shop in Kuantan Parade also, cause I already buy clothes in East Cost Mall. Then I went to buy Heineken from Joe and drinks, Yeos. I asked handsome Joe to help me to carry it to my car but he said he is not in service. Lol... wtf... Not gentleman at all...

Finished all the shopping, I fetch Wai Li back home and she is now safe at home. I received call from mummy that she asked me to 'da bao' dinner for them. So I went to TC for drive tru to take away MCD for them. The burger of MCD is really delicious but its just too spicy...



  2. hei...i did manage 2 bought some clothes...i went 2 boutique at nite wit my mum....i bought 5 shirts lo....