Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The next Mr. Tai

Let me first explain why I wrote that as this post's title. It is because I found some body that have quite similar characteristic with Mr. Tai. There is a boy in my class who is now only standard 1. He is really very cute, but he always make the same mistake ever. He loves to come late.

Since he always come late to the Taska, so I asked him to come earlier than usual so that he can start doing the exercises that I always give them with other children. On Monday, I asked him what time can he come on the next day. Guess what he said??

Me : What time are you coming tomorrow??
He : Erm..... 8 o'clock!
Me : Are you sure?? If you didn't come at that time leh??
He : ...... Erm.....
Me : If you never come at that time then u pull your ears until everybody finish bathing. Okay??
He : ...... Erm...... o...kay...

Hui Yuan can be my witness. Lol... I'm not bullying him okay.... I just try to make him to come earlier.... That's all.

Just guess what time he arrived yesterday?? He arrive at 9am. Actually it consider that he is earlier than usual, but he promise me to come at 8am. So....

Me : Go pull your ear when the other children are bathing.
He : ....... eeeeee.....
Me : Who asked you to come late?? You promised me yesterday that you will come at 8 am de wor...

When he was pulling his ears...
Me : Tomorrow what time you will come??
He : 9am.
Me : okay, but if you didn't come at that time then you will pull your ears like today... Okay??
He : o...

Wow, it is 9am dy but I still didn't see him yet!!! Guess what time he come this time?? 9.30am!!!

Me : Go pull your ears!!!
He : ah huh..... (making very weird laughing and actually is a kind of laugh that show that he is really unsatisfied)
Me : Don't make those noise!!! Why come so late today???

After 10 mins and he is doing his homework liao....

Me : Come here!
Me : What time you want to come tomorrow??
He : 10 am ( cuz he came nearly 10am today)
Me : Wah!!! how come the time you promise is later than the day before de?? Yesterday 8am then 9am and now 10 am a?? Very clever hoh!!!

(wtf) he gave a smile. He is a very cute boy and when he smile he really look very adoreable!!!

After the conversation, I think this little boy has the potential to become the next Mr. Tai. But I'll try my best to train him not too.... Cause become a unpunctual person is a very very bad manners.... Lol...

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  1. Not surprise to see these kind of people around. >.>