Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cheese Cake

Actually I'm very lazy to type out this post. I went for work today and then went for bai nian with friends... Is a bit tired actually but I'm happy about it...

After taking angpau and visiting each other, I quickly went home to change and bring my stuff out and straight away to Hui Yuan's house to prepare to make a cheese cake. When I reach her house, she was just wanting to have her dinner, so she asked me to take out everything that I need to do... but I forgot to bring Cocoa Powder.

Yes, you are right! I went back home again just to take the Cocoa powder but I also did take my old mobile phone out just in case my daddy call me (but he didn't call after all).

Can say that we started to make cake at 7pm. The base of the cake we need to make twice, cause not enough, but in the end it become extra alot.... Lol... Okay then we just ignore it and continue to go on to the next step.

We need to add whiped cream to the cheese cake so that it will become softer, but we bought the wrong thing when we were in Cold Storage. We should have buy whiped cream but we bought whiping cream. I wanted to use whiping cream, but the taste is totally different, a lot of different. So we went out to buy the cream at Pantai Selamat.

Finally we finished doing the cheese cake, but the quantiti of the cheese cake is really very little and it is not nice to just like it be like that and not deep enough to put candle on it... Lol. So we decided to make again for the other layer.

We went out to Pantai Selamat again to buy Chocolate and Cheese Cream this time. We both feel so silly and very funny. The time showed 8.15pm when we went out.

After finished the second layer, I help Hui Yuan to wash all the dishes cause I'm the one who use them. Finished that too, I went home with the cake that I have make... And that time the time showed 10pm.

Lol, cause before that Hui Yuan said we can finished doing to Cheese Cake in an hour, but in the end we finished in more than 2 hours, and nearly to 3 hours... Lol...

Just cake... no decoration, I will do the decoration tomorrow morning... Hope it will looked good.

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