Friday, January 2, 2009

What Can I Do?

It is the second day of the New Year. It is a very boring and wasteful day for me. Most of my friends they start their work today, but I still got nothing to do at home.

Chit-chating with friends, update my blog and cook when needed are the things that I can do at home this few days until I can find job. It is pathetic when you got nothing to do, especially cannot earn money at all. I mean that when you can only spend most of your time at home doing nothing is really stupid and stupid.

I feel that I am very very useless, because I can do nothing except wasting my time. I think I'm going to get mad if I don't find a proper job as soon as possible. It is really wasting of time. I did go for interview, but they said they can only give me the confirmation after Chinese New Year. THINK! If they do not want to hire my at the last minute and I have been waiting for their answer until February, then I might probably lost every thing. Because after Chinese New Year, it will be more difficult to find job any more.

OMG!!! What can I do?? I was thinking to work as Clerk but most of the companies do not want temporary worker, they want permanent's worker, which means I'm not qualified at all. I'm dead, totally die, because no work = no money and I am now really lack of Vitamin M, which is quite important for everybody.

I'm going to die very soon if I really don't find a proper job....

Oh GOD, please help me!!!


  1. u want to sell clothes in mega?

    or work in a food store in ecm?

    or go find johnny's in ecm?

    or comic book store in ecm?

  2. But My mummy not allow me to work in mall lar...
    anyway thx for ur help...