Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Day Teach Form 4 Students

It was the first day and first time I teach form 4 students. I was very very nervous. Eve from the tuition centre had lend me the Science reference book. I read it in the morning when I was working in Taska. wtf

Although it was Saturday yesterday, but the children still need to go to school on that day just to replace the holiday during Chinese New Year. But still, the amount of the students are less than the amount usual and the important thing is I don't have to teach on Saturday. The children will just need to play for the whole morning until the time for them to take their shower.

I take the opportunity to read up my Science that I going to teach later. I was so so nervous man, it has been long time I never touch any form 4 book already. I was going to teach Math and Science in 2 hours at 4-6pm and my plan is I will teach Science first then follow by Math, cause I need more time in Math. (I prefer Math rather than Science)

I went to the tuition centre as early as I thought. The first step I step into the room of the form 4 students, one of the student said:" why so young de? " Lol, wtf. Then I answer her question although I know that she was just kidding. " why? cannot be young teacher meh? or you want a old lady to teach you? " Everyone laugh after that. wtf...

The first chapter of Science is very very boring and I can see some of the students were going to fall asleep. Then I talk some cold cold~ joke for them. They did laugh... lol, but I seems to be talking to the wall all the time. I do not know it is because that was the first lesson or what, but I keep telling them to say something or to ask some question if they have. In the end of the Science lesson, I still cannot get very well with them, they are still stranger for me and I think they think I am still a stranger to them...

After the boring Science subject, I start my favourite subject---> Math. I make a same mistake twice and no one remind me.. lol. I did ask them whether their school teacher had teach them or not, and they said yes, but when I make the mistake, nobody tell me or remind me... wtf. But that time it was obviously they put more attention and mood in Math. Math is not that boring than Science.

I did teach them how to use calculator too. Actually I didn't make any preparation in Math, but I do not know why I can teach Math better than Science although I make more preparation in Science. We make lots of fun in Math when we disscussing the question in their book. I gave them a person a chance to ask the question, but they just choose the question that is very long but not the question that is very difficult... haha

Time pass very fast and I tought them until 6.10pm although the lesson should be ended at 6pm. And now I must study Science already, cause the chapter 2 in Science is difficult!!!

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