Friday, January 16, 2009


There was a emergency fire practice today.

LOL, the student was looking at what o?? See until like that... XD

All the students and teachers must gathered at the place that we should be. The students in Day Care and little children in Kinder Garden also will be gathered at there too...

There I met Wai Li's little sister too... She gave me a pose when she saw me capturing her... LOL, so cute...

I took my salary today.... wulalala~~~
I was so nervous before I wait for my turn to take the money.
There is a CCTV that I can see from the place that I am teaching, so I watched until the office got nobody in ny go into take money.
I am sure that you do not know how nervous I was, my hand was so cold!!!
The boss gave me the same amount as Yeon although she work more 2 days than me...

After I went back to continue my teaching, I felt very hot (I wore two long sleeves to work today cause the weather is cold). I felt very happy too. I already keep the money into bank. Cause I have promise mummy that I will buy my notebook myself....


  1. You were taking pictures when there's a fire drill going on? Is that a practice as well? Haha!

  2. LOL. trust me that boy in the yellow shirt will grow up to be another mr tai wei hong in the future wtf