Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Actually I reached my granny's house at the day before the reunion lunch. We were the second family who reached there. And on this day, five family had managed to reach there. (there are suppose to be 6 families there, is it a big family??)

New Year Eve (Reunion)
Here come the second day of me in my granny's house. All the families members are arrived. Some of the parents were busying preparing for our reunion lunch for around 26 people.

But some of the parents were 'busying' playing mahjong.

Look at them, they played so happily...

While for the children, we were watching television, chit chating with others, since we have been 'centuries' never speak to each other.... Lol

Well, I'm sure that you will ask where am I? Oh, I am taking more pictures around.

Guess what is it? I bet you will never know what is it! It is a red apple!!! hahaha

Look at those fruits.... Yummy, they look tasty...

And these are my far far cousins who live just as near as our neighbour, cause they are my neighbours too... LOL.

And finally the food are readied!!!

Tell me that you are hungry... hahaha

After that I spend my time to take more pictures and wait the time passed until mid-night which means that we are going to invite the God of Money to come to our house!!!

This boy was sick of fever and he slept almost the whole day...

This young man keep taking my pictures, seems like I'm very pretty... Lol... I know I'm pretty for you.... wtf. But he seems like a camera shy too... lol..

These are the things that we use to invite the god in the Mid-Night.

First Day (Chu Yi)
This is the day we having been waiting for. After wake up from the warm bed, I quickly take my towel then clean up and dress up myself. Then I helped the younger to make up. It seems like I very professional.

They looked cute and pretty, aren't they??
Then the waiting moment have arrived. We take our angpao from each family.... hahaha so happy when take angpao ler...

Second Day
There are two families went back already and I'm sick on that day, really sick. I have been going into the toilet 5 times in a day. First is vomit then toileting for four times. I didn't get to eat anything that day... only 2 apples.

Third Day
Left 2 families. The house become emptier and emptier. But they still manage to play mahjong together.

I'm back to Kuantan already. I miss all my friends and my computer and of course the internet... Lol... Can on9 dy.

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