Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Gentlemen At All

He is really very bad!!! I smsed him to ask him something, but he never reply me. Yeon said maybe he is busying... wtf. If he is really very very busy also can reply de ma.... Dun tell me that go toilet de time also dun have meh??

maybe he didn't see the msg leh?? I'm sure that you will think that. Hey come on la!!! It's already more than 12 hours since I smsed him liao lo.... He blind de meh??? didn't see the msg....

I really feel sienz on him liao.... haih....


  1. ur stil un mature... even tat small little things.. wtf... ignore it...u r so **** ***** n ***** . try n look back wat u hv done... more o less is juz u n ur self who make it complicated. dun stress ur self... let it go.. no reply, let it go. the more u force, the more they wil ignore u. cause u r irritaing n annoying.