Friday, January 9, 2009

Homicide Case

Something terrible happen today.

When I was helping those children to tie their hair before they go to school. (Well since I'm at there, so half of my job is to help them to tie their hair, cause Yeon does not know how to tie... =.=") Suddenly I heard a very very loud sound, somebody shout till very loud and then cried. Yeon ran to the source of the sound. Then I heard a boy said :' he use his bag to hit her!'. Then Yeon bring in my student into the kitchen. I asked her what had just happened, and she said that the boy use the bag to hit his own sister. Just think, where got brother hit sister like that? The little mei mei bleed. Her teeth almost coming out liao... haih... So the teacher called their mother there. What I can't believe is the mother didn't even scold that boy. She just talk to him only. Well, I do not know what she said to them, what I think is she should have bit that boy. That boy is very very naughty always bully other children in the Nursery. Beside that, the boy is also very very good in acting. Whenever he got homework, he will say that he had finished doing it. Really know how to lie!!! He should have been scold and rotan by his mother. His mother is really.... Haih...

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