Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Time Swimming In Labuan

Finally I get the chance to swim in swimming pool in Manikar Hotel!
That was the first time I went there, but I got the feeling that will be also my last time swimming at there.

Since it was Saturday and there will be bus available at 2pm then 7pm, so Syn Wei and I decided to go and swim!  Wanted to ask Yu Jun along but too bad that she has UMS Sejati which she has to attend talks in Manikar Hotel and she was required to stay there overnight!
Pity her...

I didn't really swim yesterday because I don't really know how to swim at all!
Just walk in the water, let the water wet my whole body...
Syn Wei kept floating around, maybe because she can't float in the air, so she enjoys floating on the water.  (you know la, ghost floats)

After swimming, we went Jing Moon's room to bath (as you know that some students of UMSKAL staying in Manikar until today due to the renovation in campus)
Then Yu Jun sms us to ask whether we want to join dinner together or not which the dinner is free of charge!
Actually the dinner was prepared for UMS Sejati students but we slip into and eat!
Kube recognize me and I even say hello then told him that I'm going to eat their food!
Oh man, the food was delicious, at least I get to eat vegetables!
Man, I really love veges...

Oh, I have to thank to Shin Yi cause she bought us to Manikar and because of her we get to eat such delicious food if not we will have to back campus at 7pm which we will never got enough time to eat!
I also feel pity of her because she was tired after swimming for an hour then have to help up her friend carrying stuff into the hostel.
Poor Shin Yi...

Well, swimming is good...
and it is a good exercise too~

p/s: I have been 5 days didn't go for jogging already...

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