Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Site =D

Everything has good site and it depends on how we see it.

Yesterday suddenly I thought of one thing: suddenly feel glad that they divorce.
I know that get to know a person who come from a single parent family is kinda pity, but if you think another site of the situation, good thing appear.
Well, maybe not all single parent family get the good site of it, but I do. =D

Talked to her while helping her with her work.
Told her that I actually learn a lot after they divorce.
I know it is not an easy choice to make to choose to divorce, but she did, now she still has to live for herself and for us.

I know if they hadn't divorce, I will have a not-family-member at home.  (maid)
If I have a maid at home, I couldn't even know how to cook or do any housework.  I know I will just call "kakak, tolong...", "kakak, buat..."
I remember that I used to ask my maid to do lots of thing for me like when I got up I will sure ask her "kakak, tolong buat susu"  That's what I told her every morning after I got up from my sleep.
I don't do housework when they were my side.
I depend on them very much.

Well, that's the good site after they divorce for me.  At least I learn something that is useful for my life! (who knows when I can't get a job in the future I maybe can interview as chef! LoL)

p/s: trying so hard to make myself not to jealous.


  1. kakak tolong buat nasi lemak! :D
    well, everything happens for a reason and im sure it's for the good