Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Public Holiday

It was public holiday on Monday and non- of us have class on that day, so we decided to go town for jalan-jalan while we took this opportunity to do our FYP as well.  We waited at the usual place where we wait for mini bus to go town, but it seems like only 4 of us who waiting for the bus!  
It was a long wait until the bus came. 

We went to eat some halal food before start our shopping walk.  Guess how much I spent for my breakfast?  (I took my breakfast at home with bread before I went out but I eat again!)  I spent RM11 for my breakfast!!! Fuh, I never expect I would have spent that much just for my breakfast! I'm really a huge eater... 
I even bought KFC burger before I went back.
Double Zinger Burger!!!  It is so big, luckily I shared with SW instead of taking them all by my own.  Hahaha! I like the sauce of the burger by the way. =D

Oh, I even bought a laptop protector for my laptop skin.  Friends around me kept asking me to buy one to protect my laptop as my 'new' laptop still look so new!  So I bought 1 and is only RM9, not expensive, so I just used it!
But I have no idea how to stick it properly on my laptop and bad result came out!
The left hand side was the very first trial and it showed failure but after I get the skill of how to push all the air out, it looks nice in other side of the laptop.  Still, my laptop looks like got chicken pox on its surface!  >"<

Tomorrow interface consultation, I wonder I manage to finish everything or not... @@

p/s:  why I can't get things I like?

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