Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bai Nian

As I told you yesterday that I went to bai nian with all friends. They first went to Mr. Ng's house, but I didn't go cause I was still working at that time. After working, we went to Handsome Goh's house which is just nearby my house.

When Hui Yuan and I reached Handsome Goh's house, there already 'crowded' by people. The most funny thing is Handsome Goh's grandma asked him to give us ang pau, which only married people need to give ang pau. When we receive the ang pau from him, we will of course said:' Thank You, Uncle!'

The next place was Miss Irene's house. Teacher was waiting for us to 'lou sang' which is mixing all the food together. I also do not know what it means. Just followed. Then we spend our time there chating with teacher. When they mention about STPM and University, I was so damn scare. Cause I dreamt that I only got 2.2 pointer and I was the lowest among all my friends include Jerusha. OMG!!!

Then we went to Hui Yuan's house. We managed to eat some cookies that she make her own. Her mom treat us to drink pumkin juice and fruite juice + red wain. I ate a lot there especially the keropok that make of bean. I love them.

After that we went to Phei Yee's house which is located near SMKTC. I wanted to say hello to Ricky (her dog) but he seems dislike me. He barked at me very not friendly. I gambling at her house too. I manage to gain arounf RM5, but poor Yee Chern was losing alot... wtf.

The next was Handsome Joe's house which located near to Pelindung's house. When I first reached there, I asked him to show me his two little puppy which are now already 3-4 months old. They are cute. I keep playing with thme until I was bitten by mosquitoes, I also forgot to take pictures of them. Poppy and Hannah are really cute. I love them very much. Feel like want to bring them home for a day since mummy not around but Handsome Joe said if I wanna bring him home must take care for him for the rest of my life... wtf.

Then the last destination, Phui Yoke's house. We have been many houses, her house was the only place which switched on air-cond. So when we went into her house we feel cold and cool. But it is very comfortable. I ate lots of chocolate there too. They taste good.

Today we are going to others' house to bai nian. Hope to see more dogs and puppy...

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  1. Let's hope those puppies are giving ang paw away, so it gives you a reason to go bai nian. Haha!