Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nice Mood

I force myself to be busy today to make sure not to think things that will make me emo

wake up in the morning
straight away went to on my laptop and watch some episodes of Detective Conan from Youtube
then I went to prepare lunch
I was surprise that I was so relax and with a happy heart when I prepare this meal
because last time I will feel lazy and annoying to do all those housework

bubur ikan
I prepared bubur ikan for my family today

since nobody accompany me out for shopping to buy things
I decided to ask handsome Joe
and he is so kind for willing to go out with me
I just choose somebody to ask
don't sensitive in that sense okay

really thank you a
I really appreciate that
hehe ^^

buy lots of things
actually I also dunno what I bought
but I am sure that I spend lots of money in there
but don't worry la
I know how to control my expenses~~~

this incredible that I have shopping for around 5 hours
is super tired after the long shopping
I manage to buy myself a long pants
guess what
the pants is only cost me RM23
is super cheap la wei~~~

fast fast!!!
if you wanna buy that pants
you can go to M&G~~~

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