Sunday, June 7, 2009

Late Post

I should have post this post last night, but I was too tired and got lots sort of things to think so I decided to post this today.

Having lunch with my new gang at Johnny's Restaurant.
The food there doesn't really suit me, not that tasty.
But the price there okay okay la...
Actually is a steamboat restaurant, but we refuse to eat steamboat over there.
The dishes that given only have very few choices.
Ehem, just eat nia la to heal my stomach... >.<

Grace ajak me to go eat karipap at Taman Gelora.
After meeting at Johnny's restaurant, fetch Yi-Tsiang back home, I went to Taman Gelora to meet up Grace. But mana tau that the Karipap stall didnt open that day... =.=|||
That Yi-Tsiang some more want Grace to dabao for him. 7 pieces of karipap.... @@
Then we have to change our plan ady lo.
Go Tanjung Lumpur to eat keropok. @@
my first time there...
hahax, but the keropok really taste good
Dabao back to mummy to eat la...

the latest couple that we have been chit chating is...
Joe and Hui Yuan
oh my god, Hui Yuan will definitely kill me after she see this post.
Okayh, I should have think of my life after I post this post out in my blog.
I know that you will be reading this post soon or later, but have to say that is, Joe is a nice guy.
Just sometimes abit naughty, but I'm sure you can handle it.

okay, this is about today.
Grace belanja me waffle today.
Thanks Grace. It taste good..
Went to eat ABC near Pantai Selamat there. This time Joe belanja....
Thanks Joe!!!!
Ehem, let me help you if you need my help...
And then tonight,
somebody called me monkey.
He said that he is smsing with monkey and that time I was smsing with him. So he anggap me ask monkey liao la...
sien liao lo...

oh my god.
12am ady a...
so fast, tomolo so more wan go pelindung with Grace, Joe.... (don't know that lazy Yi-Tsiang got go anot) in the morning. Oh my....
Then have to go Sri Malaysia pulak....
Busy day again.....
But I love it~~~~

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