Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Alone

Don't be confuse by the title, is not home alone actually, is just feel alone sometimes.
Wake up by a message yesterday morning.
I suddenly feel like missing somebody already although I'm not sure about it.
Okayh, don't care about the feeling.
Lazy to care either.

So I went down to have my breakfast and then went out at 12pm.
Find Grace to accompany her yamcha since she ajak me that morning and she knows how I lonely I felt for this few days.
Minum, minum..... at Old Town, because Pin Ju didn't open yesterday.
Grace keep on ngam that Old Town is expensive...@@
After that I went home and sleep.
I think I'm too tired already because I sleep until my phone rang I also didn't hear it.
Incredible, because normally this will not happen to me.

At night, I had meeting at Cherish as we had decided at the very first place and we wanted to start at 8.30pm.
Luckily I went out at 8pm because Cherish didn't open that day.
WTF, why so many restaurant didn't operate that day huh?
So in that short time we changed our place to K&Y.
Luckily others still can make it.
After the meeting I think it was around 10.30pm already, they want to eat again so they went to Medan for second round.
I went with them, but actually I got no mood to eat or chat with them already.
Because before that I get a phone call and find out that bad news and I still need to be positive face infront of them, so after I fetch Kwong Ming to Medan and I sit down for around 20minutes, I went home alone.
Went home and voice call Grace, I think we voice call for around 2 hours.
Wow!!! geng, but is free~~~

I think I break my record today.
I didn't sms that much as usual, I think less than 10 messages.
Oh my God.
I really don't believe that I really did that to that person also.
Actually I got no mood to sms either, I feel that the person is frustrated on me, maybe is because I'm too annoying.
Anyway, just face it naturally.
Tonight we are going for movie, I don't know how we going to watch this movie ler.
I shouldn't be that gan jiong to buy the tickets so early, I should have bought it today not yesterday, then we maybe no need to force ourselve to watch it.
I'm not blaming myself, is just I'm too gan jiong to do things already.

Yet, today I think I'm tired too.
I didn't realize when Grace smsed me. I didn't heard the message tone.
And sorry for the late reply.
By the way, I'm not emo...

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