Saturday, June 20, 2009

how can I do that

I went to Yi-Tsiang's house to borrow his printer to print out the surat tawaran yesterday.
Half way, I realize that I forget to bring something to his house.
So I went home again to bring that things to his house.
When I reached his house, I saw a Proton Wira in front of his house.
His friends is here.

Told Yi-Tsiang that I will go print something but he didn't make sure the printer can be used and I have to wait there.
He friends ajak him out to yamcha that time, but because of me he terpaksa ask his friends to come later after he settle all the printer.

While waiting for him to settle down all those things for me, my phone rang.
Kye Ling called me, and I am happy to see the phone call.
I cried when I was talking with her, talk something about going to Sabah this far and might be alone at there before I find any new friends.
I tried so hard to control my tears from coming out, but I can't.
Yi-Tsiang saw me cried and he showed me the look that he wanna tumbuk me.

After KyeLing's call, Grace called me pulak.
That time I already calm down that time, but when talk with Grace, I tak tahan pulak. @@
Pass the phone to Yi-Tsiang, and start to calm down again.
Mana tau, Yi-Tsiang's mother came and give me advises and pujuk me...
Oh My God, I can't tahan dy...
All flow out..
My godness!!!
Damn paiseh, cry at ppl's house and in front of ppl's mother.
I cried until I can feel the ke-bengkak-an of my eyes.
Yi-Tsiang somemore want to laugh at me.
I wanted to go home already, because I had done everything that time.
But since I cried till my eyes bengkak and red, I have to wait for them to become normal before I go back home.

Talk with Grace don't know for how long.
Then Yi-Tsiang's friends came again and I decided to go home because I don't want his friends to see my ugly face after the crying.
Talk with Grace don't know for how long.
Yi-Tsiang opened the door for me and still talk for at leats 20mins.
That time his friends were waiting at his house, upstairs.
His friends wait until impatient and came down to ask why opened the door to let me home also need to use so much time.

Think back to the scene, really paiseh.
I really can't believe that I'll cry at my friend's house because of my own stupid thinking.

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