Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dare Or No

Actually we plan to go out last night at around 10.30pm
Suddenly a message sent to me and said that the outing is cancel
Then I was thinking
I have been boring for the whole morning till evening
just make the boring-ness continue till night

The school holiday has gone
And the schooling days have begun for them - my brother and sister
Morning till evening around 3pm is my world
I can use the laptop as long as I wish
After they back from school they will have the chance to play it
But still at night they got no chance to play it because mummy will definitely says
"tomorrow you still have school go study"
"now school starts already, dun play computer too much"

Last night mummy dare me pulak
I was using the laptop
Then she suddenly said
"can you sleep early than me one time"
Then something came into my mind
where got ppl sleep so early de
Fine just go sleep before she slept la

That's why I offline at 10.30pm
It was a difficulty for me
I lie down on my bed with my eyes open big and round
The night was still young and you want me to sleep
So I did my

You dare me
I will just accept it if I am in a good mood~~~

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