Monday, June 8, 2009


Yesterday went to eat ABC with Grace, Joe and Marcus.
Suddenly we saw a picture when Joe was paying the bill.
Here is the picture:

This picture really doesn't look like him.
Grace thought that he was Joe's brother.
Lolz... Joe, since when you have a brother?? I thought you are the only guy among you siblings??

This morning we went Pelindung.
Have to wake up at 7 am, because we all have to reach Pelindung at 7.30 am.
Oh my God!!!
I'm so lazy to wake up ler....
I put alarm at 7 am but I receive morning sms. >.<
Hahax, thanks Grace for waking me up. I know that you scare I suddenly ffk you. Hahax.
Last night smsing with Yi-Tsiang. He sounded like he is not going along. So I ma dun wan to force him lo. This morning I did call him but he didn't answer my call, so I go Pelindung alone la.
Mana tau when Grace was there that time, I saw him in her car. @@

Honestly, this is the slowest and longest time I took to climb up. @@
No wonder my mom called me half way and she was so shock that I haven't finish the climbing....
While waiting Grace and Yi-Tsiang who were so slow at our back, took some pictures here.

Ugly face!!!

The most funny is when we was on the way down to our car, Joe and Yi-Tsiang were trying to follow on what Grace is doing. Follow everything, every motions, every actions. It was so funny. Then Grace came to hold my hand pulak..... This time Yi-Tsiang follow my action and Joe remain following Grace's action.
Ish ish ish!!!
When Grace holding my hand that time, Joe and Yi-Tsiang holding hand too....
Walau!!!! I was really like... OH MY GOD!!!

Then after all the exercises we went breakfast. All our fat that burn off during exercise gain back liao.... hahax, but is okay la, cause the purpoe I went Pelindung is not to exercise but to enjoy. ^^
But half way on healing my stomach, I feel cold and terpaksa went to the toilet to settle the business!!!
I think I have settle the business for 3 times today!!! I got no idea what I have eaten and now feel like nothing in my stomach. Fine, just anggap it as diet...
Can slim down... hahax...

Later going to Sri Malaysia Hotel pulak.
Busy life is going to start again.
Come let's us face all the challenges together.

A success person will face thousands of challenges before they have today's succeed!!!

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