Friday, June 19, 2009


Since the day has come, I think this is the time I spell out everything.
Last few months, we need to filled in the IPTA form thru internet and there is expired date, the date limit for you to fill up the form.

There is a question that ask about:
which year you take your SPM
I can't believe that I fill in wrongly, Oh My God!!!

I can't blame anybody in this, that's why I am so nervous to the result coming out.
All along none of my friends know about this except for 2 persons:

I was so scared when I found out this, I don't know who to tell and don't know what to do. I MSN YT and ask him to keep this secret for me.
Then tell Grace pulak.
I think this whole world only my family and 2 of them know only.

That's why I am very nervous although I know that this won't help anything.
I want to calm down, but it seems to be difficult for me.
God bless!!!

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