Friday, June 26, 2009

Raise Me Up

It is my turn now, my turn to go University.

Before that I was thinking that going to University is a very good feeling and I wish for so long and hope that I can go to University to study and have my own life there.

Now when I know that I am going to University, I will feel 'bu she de' everything in Kuantan.

Not just family, friends, but everything.

All the memories here, no matter good memories or bad memories.

I have been staying here for around 20 years.

Never leave from the house for so long.

This is the first time.


Dear Bro & Sis,

It has been awhile we been together, one day, one month, one year..... Although we just know each other only for a short time or for a long time, I appreciate every moment that happened to me, surrounding me.

Well, time really past so fast. I am sure I'll miss those life where we spend time, share secret, share our happiness together. Those life that we study together, crazy together or even do our dream chart together. I'm sure that I'll not forget that. I swear.

There are lots of you that I want to say to, but I put in as simple as possible so that I can post it here.

Don't always think that long distance relationship doesn't work. If you never try how you know?? nothing is impossible in this world, the problem is do you want it or not. For me, nowadays the technology is so modern and fast, we can still communicate with each other. sms, msn....

I can feel the love that you gave me. I know that the love is not a normal one but a powerful one. Love is surrounding me, that's why I can become stronger, stronger and stronger. You have make me become stronger than before and become another personality than before. Form level 1 has updated to level 3.

Anyway, just don't forget me. If I got time, I will msn, or sms with all.
Love ya~~~
Good nite all~~~

Cai Yi


  1. For the first time, I'm seeing you becoming so optimistic and that's a good thing. Best of luck to you in your Uni life! You've my support, always...

  2. thanks leong, i love you too bro.