Sunday, June 14, 2009


I should be updated my blog last few days.
Actually the I already type half way all the post that I wanted to post out, but I seems to be too busy to continue the post and when I wanna continue de time I got no idea to write and got no mood to write things about that topic anymore.

Yup, I already reach home for awhile.
This few days really busy, really for those that I msn half way and sms half way then didn't choi you.
I was doing my stuff and had to busy for awhile.
Really sorry!!!

Yesterday morning, the whole family of mine went to my grandmother's house.
I didn't appear myself there because I got something to do in Kuantan and because of this I have been lecture everyday... ==
They went in the morning after they settle everything.
I went to Starbucks ECM at 1pm when Yi-Tsiang is free that time.
I actually I should have gone alone there but I dislike being alone at there waiting.
After my plan is over, Yi-Tsiang and I went to Carefour to buy some bread and sushi to eat.
That was my lunch and dinner... @@

Being alone at home is a very suffering thing. Although your ear can rest, but there lots of things you have to do alone and actually it is scary... T.T
I have to do all the house work... although I went back home late.
Luckily I went home and had a break in the evening so I can finish all the work that time.
Around 7.30pm, Yi-Tsiang called me.
Before that he said he coming to fetch me after 5 minutes.
Mana tau after I rush here and there, he called me and said that he will come later. ==
Then I just realize that he went dinner with them...
Sien liao lo, went out for dinner also didn't ajak, I eat alone, so kesian....
He pulak tole me that he thought I went along so he didn't call me to go eat lo... I was like... huh?? @@
Then we went TC at night. Stay there till 12am something...

Didn't get to sleep well that night. Fall asleep at 2am, but woke up at 5.30am.
Then after everything settled, I went to fetch Sam and YT to TC again...
We having a breakthrough there, really very funny.

Then after breakfast, we went to ECM again at 1pm.
I stay there until around 10pm.
Actually is really tired, but I learnt some new skill in there.
Really wanna thanks to Wilson and KyeLing, they inspired me alot.

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