Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Mistake

I think it is really a big mistake that we choose to watch movie today.
We should have watch tomorrow or other day but definitely not today.

Just now we went to watch movie.
I was the driver, and because of this mummy banned me from driving out at night.
Oh God!!!
I have my own reason to do that!!! Is not my fault either to drive at night, is we got no transport to go there and I promise that I will be safe at home even though I drive alone.

Yi-Tsiang was so tired, didn't talk much for the whole 3 hours.
Grace was also tired, but at least we talk something.
I felt sleepy and uncomfortable sitting on the seat in cinema. I don't even know why.

I really regret to take the movie tickets that early, if not tonight I won't have to go out and I don't have to see those expression.
I really hate those feelings.
Grace, next time if I need to fetch you both again, I think I should go fetch you first. Because the air was so tension and silent when I was alone with him in the car.
My goodness!!!

Alright, I think I need to sleep although the night is young.
Nobody to sms tonight I think because they are to tired to reply me or the fall asleep like what they almost did in the cinema. (I almost did that too)

Good night all, sweet dreams...

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