Friday, June 5, 2009

A Week

It has been a week I stayed in KL. I think I hate the life in KL.
Really hate!!! this is not because something unfortunate happen at there but is because I hate to see so many cars, vehicles.
I have to go from a destination to another destination by public vehicles!!!
Traffic Jam!!!
Difficult to recognize the route map from a destination to another.
Get to trap in a place that might not know where were you!!!
But still, there are lots of people love to stay in KL and there think that life our there is better than in Kuantan.
But for me ---> NO!!!

Well I think I am abnormal, I hate KL lifestyle but I still thinking of going to KL. I think I need to go to have body check up especially my brain >.<
But for sure is the purpose that I go to KL is not to shopping but doing my own stuff and visit my friends that she is coming back today from England.
It has been long time I didn't meet her since she went to England last year.

During the week I stayed in KL, I realize lots of things. Sometimes is suffer to act to be happy on the surface of the skin and actually you are thinking something so badly in your real identity.
Well, some action that they make is frustrating but I don' t think I want to tell them because since they are right then just let it be.
I will only tell them when there is somebody who tell me that he/she doesn't like his/her attitude then I might maybe will their that person what's the problems.
Because if I am the one who thinks that, maybe this is my own problems but not his/her problems.
Time will show everything clearly, I shouldn't be so gan jiong on all this kind of this...

Right, I am a person who really can't accept when people scold me or say something on me, definitely I will feel upset although I know that this is the best way for me to realize the mistake that I have done.
Normally I will use it to everybody no matter that person is younger or elder than me. But honestly it is not easy to do that. This is because you will definitely feel upset to hear something bad from others and this is not the main point, the main point is you will change after you realize it but not keep on making the same mistake in the future!

During this week in KL, I feel that I am alone sometimes. I have to admit that I love to take attention from somebody, but I counldn't and I failed to. In the whole week, I am happy when I heard somebody care about me but honestly I only heard that less than 5 times. Most of the feelings is I think they feel frustrated about me. But anyway, don't care about them, just do whatever I like to as long as I don't hurt anybody so that I can have my enjoyable life all along the way.

Although there are lots of sadness but I still remember some of the happiness over there. I will show you my happiness when you see the pictures that I going to post soon.
I haven't get any pictures yet because all the pictures are with Yoke and Ching Chian. I haven't meet them and I am thinking on how to take pictures with them because I believe that their pictures' size is very very big!!!

Anyway, I want to thanks for the person who willing to listen to me and give some oppinion to me. Sometimes I laugh when you talking is because I don't what expression that I should give. I don't what the environment to be to tension and I don't want others to see my sadness look.
Hahax. @@

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