Friday, June 5, 2009


Is almost 11pm already.
I wanted to sleep but I'm waiting to a call and I must wait for that call.
I become a very good sleeper after I back from KL.
Need to replace all the sleep that I have miss.

Woke up 8am this morning, quickly go to have the last check on my Identity Card.
Luckily I found it, Thank God!
Which means I no need to go Police Station and I no need to get any penalty.

Then I ajak Grace to have brunch together although I just met her last night at Cherish.
I wanted to eat Poori.
Poori is seem like roti canai but it taste better than that, I think I love into the taste already.
The first time I ate Poori was at ALIF restaurant, that time I was eating with Grace and Yi-Tsiang.
After agree to have brunch together, Grace asked me to go there earlier and ordered.
Guess how many Poori I ordered?
I went alone to the restaurant and I ordered 9 Poori, the waiter got a shock and he asked me is it for bungkus.

After brunch with Grace, I online for awhile and then went to sleep at 12pm.
Wake up at 12.30pm to prepare lunch for them and slept again at 3.30pm.
I think I going to become pig because I really sleep alot.
Although I slept so much, but I still feel sleepy.
Oh my god!!!
How to overcome this a??

I don't want to become Sleeping Beauty!!!

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