Wednesday, June 17, 2009

let us throw away the old one and invite the new one

let me tell you
sometimes we have to let go something
this is true
because when we let go that time
we will get something new

don't misunderstand
this is not just matter of love
is matter of your day life too
think properly before you read continue reading

I have a slipper that I think I have use that for few years
I still remember that I bought that slipper with my sis from pasar malam
I am so obedient to that slipper because I take good care of it and use it until today which today is the day it retire
but my sis
I think she only use for few months

today is the day my 'fish bone' slipper find its destiny---- dead
no choice
I have to make decision to 'bury' it
sorry little 'fish bone'
(this is called let go~~~)

in the evening at 2.30pm
went to SMART school
become sushi delivery
bring some home made sushi to Grace to let her have a try
it is happy to see her eat because she appreciate them
not like some people never appreciate things that given by people =.=
sorry back to our topic
I was just to angry and to think back things happen!!!

went to ECM just now with Grace
she accompany to go buy a new slippers
it is so nice to accompany because I thought that I will have to go shopping alone
@@ thanks
we went to almost all the shoes shop
at the end I bought a slippers from nose
(and this time the new one comes~~~)

and then Grace belanja me makan ice-cream pulak
TERIMA KASIH banyak-banyak
this is the second time I ate BR Ice-cream
chit chat awhile while eating ice-cream
thanks for cheering me up
you know much better than others sometimes


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  1. i wanna try ur sushi,but got time make one is dun hav seaweed..hehe