Monday, August 30, 2010


Mid-Terms has just finished (consider I guess cause tomorrow still have Mandarin Oral Test)
This week really full of mid-term: mandarin, accounting, statistics, and database.
(we suppose to have marketing midterm too but something happen in the middle and have to postpone to 23th of September 2010)

This week was really tough
I believe no one loves examinations, neither I.
I hate examinations very much!

Mandarin...  There are so many words that I need to do spelling on myself because I don't know how to write!  Memorize all the words...  I am not that good in Mandarin as my friends surrounding are, they read novel but I don't and reading (anything as long as in Mandarin, although they are novel) are very good!  They are better than me in recognize words!!! And they can easily score in Mandarin too!!!
(I hate novel..)

Database...  I did study for it!  I swear!!! But I still can't do well in it.  Sigh...
Programming subject is really not my field.
But at least I did write something on the paper, but I still went out early.

Statistic...  hmm.... guess what? I spend around 12 hours - 24 hours on this subject!
I think it worth!  because at least I know how to answer those questions although I am not sure with my answer.
The feeling is something like you gain something after you work hard for it!
AND I love that too!

Accounting... all the motivation was gone and left with statistic!
This is really not a good sign.  I got no mood to study at all!!!  Plus this morning I have to settle flight tickets thingy.. (for your information I manage to buy ticket on 1st of Jan and CNY!!!  Damn happy!!!)
At the end, during the mid-term it was really sucks but still got some of the questions that I can answer.
Conclusion: the difference of studying with not study.

Now, waiting for tomorrow.
I have Mandarin oral test at 5pm which have to present to all coursemate... (shy shy lo)
But I hope I won't be shaking, that I'll be glad.

And then at night got meeting for the APN activity...
I'm a little gan jiong actually and can feel that will be stress about that...

Anyway, wish me luck.

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