Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm The Virus

Since I was in secondary, I started to have this kind of concept in my mind, and I think it has become one of my mindset since that.

When I was in form 3, St. John in my school become inactive when my turned to join.
It was like cursing you know, my batch have done a lot of things to bring my school famous again in Kuantan among the officers and yes, we did it, now our school is famous among officers and get attention from them.
They can have good life after that because they get to involve in many activities while our batch can't due to the less member.
huh...  bad luck huh?

Then I went to form six which is another secondary school.
The St John over there were great and I was happy that I can join in that school, but guess what?  
Something happened and the St.John became sucks in that school and I didn't get to enjoy the joy in the society.
huh...  I didn't get the chance to join highway duty which only adult member can join!
bad luck again...

Now I am in University.
When I came in there was no water for me at all...
I want to stay like I'm joining survival camp.
Tiring actually but luckily the situation turned, and now I don't have to worry about water anymore.

Previously I attend for psychology class, I found out the class is boring and the previous lecturer is sucks, so I change to art.
Guess what now?
Psychology become interesting but art become so so...  (art class got 2 lecturer, one teaches us theory and one teaches us practical)
how come?
Disappointed lo...

I know what to do, because I know that is one of the obstruction that I need to face and I believe I can cope with it.
feel that I'm really unlucky then leave me far far away, then you life will be brighter. 

p/s: a little bit emotinal....