Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No More Eyes Soon

Went I was young, my eyes were round and big, and of course you can very obvious see my eyes.
(I'm not sure that whether my eyes gone or not when I smile or laughing)

When I grow up till now, my eyes seem to become smaller and smaller.
Mummy always told me that because I'm too fat and specially my face become bigger, wider and rounder, until my eyes become smaller and smaller le...

I wanted to slim down, but I really love to eat.
Most of my friends here told me that I'm not fat but fit which suitable to my height.
But I know that I'm fat, and I'm consider KING KONG when I am standing with them.
Because of my height, my size I'm already look like a giant.
Just imagine with my size now...

I do feel that I look like giant...
Too fat...
but how???
I am not willing to sacrifice my food for this...

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