Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I was a little bit lucky yesterday =)
Last week, our Mandarin lecturer did mention that there will be oral presentation on this week (yesterday)
And after Raya will have another HSK format oral test
She also mentioned that she will test one by one and the name will be list with one by one.
So I was so scare and nervous because my name is started with 'W'!!!
I emailed her and asked her can I change or make myself earlier for the HSK oral test, she didn't really mention whether can or not but she just replied me that I should be patient...

It was yesterday.
When she gave me the attendance list to sign our attendance, that was a new one!!!
And my name is no longer at the bottom!!!
My name is the 5th one!!!!!!
I'm surprise and happy with that, really I do!

That was the first luck I got.
Then the second luck is the topic that I chose
I chose number 2 and I got this topic...

I feel that I'm so lucky to get an article that easy for me to understand!
Compare to the others, mine is super easy and I can make my own conclusion to present. =)
(For your information, we have 3 mins to read the article and 3 mins to present)
*smile widely*

Alright, end of my story
Now is time for you to guess~~~

Who is this?
No tips for you, just guess.
Ask me for answer my pm me~

Have a nice day~

p/s: really hungry now...

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