Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Know It Just Small Matter

I'm thinking of something now...
I know it is something stupid that I shouldn't care so much
I know I should just let it happens as the God wants to
But just it is not that easy to let go
It just appeared in my mind
And this make me can't stop thinking of it

Honestly this really make me feel emo
I know this is really stupid of me thinking this and make myself feel down
But I just can't help to avoid this feeling

Actually is just very small problem
Just now I had my dinner in senior's room
Then one of my friend suggested to cook our own too
The first thing come to my mind is:
if start to cook... I will have to cook... and if I never cook then nobody will cook for me
Then the cooking suggestion keep coming out from my mind!
so how??
should I cook or not??

p/s: got lots of assignment and I everyday also got class leh...

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