Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Borneo Art Exhibition

Finally I got the time to upload this.
I should have upload this on Saturday night but I got statistic assignment to rush, then Sunday I got mandarin to rush, then yesterday I was sick, so at the end I can only upload this post on a no class day although I'm still sick.

This exhibition actually was held on Friday.  Our art teacher, Sifu Art asked us to prepare our own bus to go to this exhibition under his name after the morning class to explore ourselves over there.
Actually I was really lazy to go out there to walk under the sun without having my breakfast, but at the end I went...
Once I reached there, I went to hunt some food for my stomach.  (I will get emo if I'm hungry!)
Then started the exploring section.

We went one stall by one stall, capturing all those stupid pictures without buying anything.  *evil laugh*

Never realize when I got capture by this!!!  OMG!!! we have been stalked!!!

Ewwwww, the laugh is so damn ugly lo...

Then I went to one of the stall is about body art!
Omg!!! I want to try la!!!
Then I went to draw a butterfly on my face.

Then my teacher, Sifu Art he wanted to take picture with me...  
I think he will never forget me liao... =.=|||

Then almost all the chinese female in the bus wanted to take picture with me..
Suddenly I feel like I became a model or an artist... hahahax

After that we went back to campus.
On the way back to hostel, everybody used weird eye sight looking at me.  Oh, forget to mention that when I walked out from the body art booth once I done my butterfly on my face, everybody was looking at me like "which alien is this?" "this alien come from where"...
Some even thought that I was wearing a mask!

Back to my room...
I continue with this.

Funny huh??
We laugh a lot during the capturing section in our room. 

By the way, few days before I bought pear for myself and it is big and I would like to show it here.

Big huh???