Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stress And We Ended Up With This

This few days really got lots of thing to do, assignments are not a lot but the content that we need to do is like huge mountain like that... is really a lot lo!!!
Beside assignment, there are something else that I need to do.
I thought this semester will be like previous one, free and only assignment.
So I joined M1M (Malam Satu Malaysia) and JCN (Japanese Cultural Night).
This 2 activities are really stress sometime because time are getting nearer but I feel that nothing done yet!
Last few days, I went to have interview to join Ang Pau Night.
After the interview, I feel that I got no chance to join at all.
Well, maybe I should think that the God wants me to rest for the next semester and be guess to watch and attend to the event.

Due to all these stress, I ended up capturing myself and friends...
Stupid picture... L0L

Meng Leng said she is afraid to come to my room liao, because she scares that I will eat her!!! >.<

These are taken before I went to Art Class at 2pm just now.... really feel tired to go class in the afternoon de lo!

and this one is for MUMMY and DADDY~
kiss for you both. ^0^

Pictures with my roommate after class... hahahax

and then these are simply taken by me... angle all wrong de... =.=
that's why the model in the picture also not nice...

here, Yu Jun and I...
LOVE this picture very much lo... 

Don't scold me for upload all the pictures here la...
hehehex XD

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