Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes Message Really Bring Wrong Meaning

Had a nice day (should be half day) actually.
I had Database mid-term today but that didn't ruin my happiness until I received a sms.

Guess I have to bring out the story from yesterday night.

The organizer of holiday trip for September sent me a draft on how much we are going to spend for the holiday (accommodation and transport only)
It was a really really very draft information.
I was really unsatisfied with it, because date is near and I need to budget my own budget too.
That's why I msn and asked the organizer about the details.
Finally I get the information and detail (although is not complete but still acceptable)
I told my roommate that the information is not complete and I'm unsatisfied with late information either.
But yet, I still asked mummy to bank in the amount that we need to pay earlier (still haven't bank in la...)

Today after database mid-term
I went back to room once I ended my mid-term.
The organizer smsed me and it's sounds like this:
If you want to quit then inform me
Please think properly yourself 
Don't complain while trip
After I read the message I really got mad.
I went to bed and slept...

Once I got up, I search for the internet and looking for the flight ticket wish I hope MAS can still help me to bring me back.
My hope spoil and only AirAsia is there to help me...
I was super EMO because I hate AirAsia that I need to back to Kuantan by public transport! (LRT and bus)
(because of this, I still haven't buy ticket yet)

Then I told my roommate about this.
She told me that she is the one who told the organizer about my dissatisfaction.
I was really disappointed and never think that this will be spread!!!
We have known each other for almost one year and don't tell me that she doesn't know that I love to complain no matter what?
Because of that everything ruin...
I thought I will just go and play, no matter I will be happy during the vacation or not
At least I been there and see it by myself
But now even if I go
I know the feeling will be 100% different!

I'm really upset and got no idea what to do now...
Go back 
Join them
or just stay in hostel alone?

Ask daddy and mummy's opinion
Both of them are support on what I'm going to choose..
Now what???

Is it the God give me too much of choices????

p/s: I know I'm bad in controlling my emotion


  1. why u keep on expecting people will understand u?
    you're who you're. you know the fault, then u change it.

    it's just a small island, no much entertainment if without friend, why everythin need to ask until very detail(i meant the draft). It is just a draft, everything also subject to change. ok. understand?

  2. Well ... u not the first time mention tat u going feel different wen trip .. i remember u have another post mention tat ... so my advice is better u dont go ....

    another thing to advice u is y u need to noe every details of the trip ??? i think may be u just need to noe wen and how much u need to spend....

    for your information our coming sept trip which organize by wai yen, no body help her and she did all the things herself and her email i never open and have alook .... cos we trusted her and we just ask the budget we gone use....

    some time certain things we no need ask so much as the organizer have his/her tension .... if he/she ask us help oni we help ....

    well dont have any offense from me ...just some advice ...

  3. yeah, I need to budget up things I need to budget right? that's why i need those information.

    thanks alvin and remy, i know I'm troublesome and useless sometimes, and I know that this also make others feel annoying.

    that's why all the time I used to post them in blog or sometimes i will just keep thm in my heart.

    thanks a lot with all those advises, I will change and I will bare in mind.
    All I need is time. I don't think I can change right after the advises.
    I still need time to manage my own feeling and emotion right?
    thanks alot...