Friday, August 6, 2010

Labuan's Gai Fan

Yesterday we (Syn Wei, Yu Jun and I) went town again and I was their driver.
We tried out the chicken rice that they have been mention for long which located near UJ there.
Since Yu Jun was hungry already so we went there before we get to buy stuff in UJ.
Syn Wei said she doesn't want to eat because she wasn't hungry and she was still full! (at first)
Then Yu Jun and I put ordered and the waitress brought us soup.
It was peanut soup and the taste is the same like homemade soup~
Syn Wei finally ordered one for herself too!!!
And guess what?
She told us that she full, but she was the one who finished up everything faster than both of us.
And after she finished eating she add 2 more bowl of soup!
wow geng lo...

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