Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holiday Today

Is public holiday and whole Malaysia is having holiday today.  Guess students are the most pleased, we can sleep till any time we wish to, don't have to rush to class.

Yesterday was holiday for me too although it wasn't a public holiday.  I think lecturer wanted to celebrate Valentine's too, that's why we got the opportunity to be lazy and in holiday mood one more extra day. =p

Although it is a Valentine's Day, I don't have anything to do as I am still single.  It was just a normal night as normal I have.  Eat, sleep, drama, when there is no class; eat sleep drama and class when there is class... lol
Boring life I have right?

Today is also holiday which mean that after I came back to campus I still having holiday for 3 days before school starts.  Actually school started before I came back but I just don't want to leave home so fast, I miss them! Furthermore, buy flight ticket and back home for only a week!? No way!!! You should know flight ticket is very expensive so it is not worthy to flight RM100++ back home and then come back again in a week!
Alright, I admit that I'm mummy's daughter kay? I'm pampered at home, I get what I wants almost all the time, they love me! That's why I don't wish to leave home so fast!

Right, I'm still wondering what to do next.  Is holiday, no class, but hopefully the cafeteria is still operating cause today feel like eating their food.  I didn't get to eat their food since I came back except for a slice of papaya.

So, what next?

p/s: I don't feel like starting any of them, maybe you think I should, but I don't think it is the time yet.

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