Thursday, February 3, 2011

Once Again, Happy Chinese New Year~

I don't know what number of this post already, what I know is I posted a lots of post under the date today.

Just had steambot as dinner.  Well, homemade dinner!
Everything homemade~
Chicken bones' soups as the soup of steambot, fresh veges, prawns, fishes, porks...
I guess you can't find all those food I mean really nice and tasty steambot's ingredient outside!

I am the one who purpose this steambot because we used to have this on the second day of Chinese New Year but don't know since when they didn't do it anymore due to tiredness of preparing.  I want to eat steambot so much so I tell mummy about this and my auntie supports me!

Guess what we have for our steambot's ingredient?
We have
slices of fishes
tiram (I got no idea what its call in English)
seafood taufus
all kinds of ballsss (fish balls, sotong balls, prawn balls, pork balls,.... lots more!)
bihon (got ready fried bihon too for those who prefer fried one =D)
slices of porks
lots more... I seriously can't recall what I ate!
We invited relatives who stay outside to come along to have dinner together, and we got the chance to get more ang pao!!! *evil laugh*

What make us, children (I know I don't consider as a child anymore, but I still want to be as a child!) very happy is we can get more and more and more angpao during the 15 days of Chinese New Year!

Now still thinking where to get more angpao, cause I want to buy my dinner dress and if can another pair of dinner shoes by using the angpao money!

p/s: Happy Chinese New Year~

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