Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Only Yam Cha

It was the only yamcha for this holiday.  Seriously, no kidding at all!  Somemore the yumcha session was only 2 of us.  So pity...
Holiday is too short already, can't blame anybody...

I wanted to meet all my friends during Chinese New Year, like we did last year.  Went to house one by one, took angpao from each and every family, chit-chating to each other, meeting old friends, and meeting some of the teachers.
Too bad that this year wasn't a perfect holiday because I spent almost all the time in grandma's house. (all the time when I get to spend time with friend, I was in grandma's house so I didn't get to meet any of them except one)

Since I was in grandma's house I ady asked one and only friend who still in Kuantan to go movie together, but too bad at the end we didn't get to watch any of the movie but lucky me because I got to watch with mummy and sister~
Then he asked me to teach him blog and that was the first met with friend for this holiday... ==
He is a really good friend because he willing to be my driver for a day! (hahax, he always do, not just today!)
Fetching me from my house to the mall so that I can shopping with my sister!  If not I have to take mummy's car then mummy has to ask other to fetch her, so damn inconvenient!
Thank You!

can go out!!!!

It was really long time ago since I started to drive my own, I never ask mummy to fetch me to mall. (I only ask friend to fetch me back and go) This time I asked mummy to fetch me back from the mall! And luckily mummy came to fetch us cause I got the chance to bought the dress outside the mall!

Then when I reached home, the feeling of going back to the island was really irritating...
I emo.
Plus one of my coursemate told me that got extra assignment to do!
The level of emo increase!!

I went out.
I went out although is 9pm already...
I don't care! I just want to stay away from the laptop, stay away from calendar, stay away from things that remind me that I'm going back to Labuan!
But too bad that he is going back to campus soon...

Anyway we had sai mai lo just now... (xi mi lu)

Almost a year didn't get to try this thing already...
But it is still tasty~
I wanted to try Lin Chi Kang de, but didn't open due to Bai Ting Kong, so we went beach to take this!

p/s: I really don't wish tonight to end...
p/s: thank you so much!!! Next time my turn to fetch~ promise!
p/s: wtf you delete the pic that I took!
p/s: I bought dinner dress le~
p/s: thank you for bringing me out when I'm emo...

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