Thursday, February 3, 2011

That Isn't A Pleasant One...

Is Chinese New Year Eve...  (okayh everybody knows about that... and I know I don't have to inform everybody about that one more time...)

One happen was right before the dinner...
I was helping mummy to take her food... Then when I was wanted to sit on the chair to start my luxurious dinner, she asked me to take rice for grandma as well.  I was really unpleasant about that.  She was about to the kitchen (the rice cooker is in the kitchen) but then she turned around and told me to take rice! Isn't that very nonsense?

Second happen was when and during the dinner...
I was having my dinner and mummy keep on like scolding me.... Suddenly I feel annoying...
(little bit of regret to wait her for dinner!)

Third happen was just now..
I was using a table for my laptop, the adults are using another table for mahjong and there is another table at the back there... They are very clever to ask me to let them to use the table that I'm using for my laptop for their mahjong as there is an available table at the back there!
Seriously don't understand.  I told them my reason why I don't want to change with them, but they told me their reason that because the table at the back will be use later for Chinese New Year ceremony!
So selfish!!!!!!

It wasn't really a good day for me although I got lots of thing to eat!

p/s: really not a good day.. =((

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