Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have to DECLARE!

I just wanted to post this post before I sleep tonight.
Er... should be good morning.

Recently I can feel someone is changing into some kind of attitude, well I don't know why.  I just feel a little bit of frustrated and annoying towards that.  I feel uncomfortable.  Seriously dislike that!
I know I shouldn't be this straight forward, but I have to.
I know I got no right to control anybody's feeling, but I have to make myself feel comfortable.

Just don't over the boundary...
I really don't think we can get to be friends if this person over the boundary.
Can't we make it like last time?
I feel more comfortable with last time, but not now, cause I feel being controlled, being order.

Hope you know who you are.
I hope I didn't get to hurt your feelings.

p/s: I'm sorry if I do hurt, but I can't be that selfish... Or you can say I'm selfish.
p/s: you know who you are.

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