Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie In Labuan

Did I mention before that there is no proper cinema in Labuan?
Seriously, I'm not kidding... Labuan really doesn't have a proper cinema, only got a very poor condition cinema. I heard they say the when you are watching movie, you can hear the transport moving sounds from outside, and the size of the cinema is so small like a classroom, maximum can fit less than 30 people!
The most important thing is the cinema got no latest movies!!! All old old de!!!

Conclusion, Labuan cinema is totally opposite from GSC...

Still, I manage to watch movie here in Labuan, but in campus... I can't run far away from the campus until I graduate.
I watched yesterday.  A sucks movie and I didn't manage to finish it also.

The movie make got no mood to continue the next slote's movie...
So I skip 500 summer days!

My friends al say the movie is very nice!
Now regret!!! =(((
But nevermind, someone is downloading for me ady! =)))

Just now I watch Flipped!
Nice movie~
My tears drop at the last part of the movie...
Am I too sentimental???

Since my friend said he got the movie Tangled, so I choose Flipped lo~
Wating to watch Tangled!!! =))


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