Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Girlfriend~

By the way, April Fool!!!
hahaha, don't get cheat today by those evil friends~ =)

Yesterday was Yu Jun's birthday. I purposely skip my ITPM meeting to make surprise for her, but I am sure that this is not surprise, cause we ruin our own plan.. @@|||
(Yu Jun, because of you I kena from Yu Jin leh... he wants a surprise for his birthday also lo... >.<)

The plan ruin because 
1. not all of the 'participants' follow what we planned.
2. there was sudden pop-up situation (which make Syn Wei pissed the most as she already asked everybody goes to DK Alpha to gather)

I think that's the 2 main reasons.  Multimedia students were late, but we did make a back up plan for that, their late weren't affect the whole plan...
Over all, is okay la...
As long as the birthday girl is happy and enjoy~

Is all Pei Jie's fault of pressing Yu Jun's head into the cake!
Seriously don't get it why want to do this. I was just mean to ask her to bite the candle by using her mouth... but she was lagi evil than me, press Yu Jun's head into the cake...
If her face had already put on skin care product, then we will be eating cake + chemical product! @@
I personally don't like people to press head into the cake, who know that the person got skin allergy???

Happy Birthday To You~

We did celebrate Edwin's belated birthday, but I didn't manage to snap any picture on him as I was busy kacauing and hiao with him...
Weird thing is there are so many people have camera, why only one person who bring it???
Somemore wanna complaint my camera... My camera so cheap... @@|||

Yesterday night really laugh die me... I laugh until super tired!

Happy Belated birthday to Yu Jun and also Edwin...

p/s: April fool~

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