Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Dream

I couldn't believe that I will have this kind of dream!
This is a dream of my and my 'boyfriend'.

Why I put this ' and this '?  Because I got no boyfriend now and I have a 'boyfriend' in my dream!
Weird huh?
Well, dream of a boyfriend is not weird, but what I feel weird the most is, I was so happy in my dream! wtf...
But when I got up, I feel very funny when I recall back what I had dream last night.
Damn stupid...

That's not the only dream I dream last night.  I dream of my form 6 school, but my form 5 teacher is in form 6 school and she told me that I should attend their activities because she knows that I always skip class or activities... @@|||
Even the teacher who sayang me so much also told me that I'm too much, and I shouldn't skip too much of the activities!

Dream dream dream...

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