Monday, April 11, 2011

A Free Outing

Is not free from money but is free in my hands!  I didn't buy anything just go to accompany this girl ---> Syn Wei.  She wants to trim her eye brow, so Yu Jun and I purposely go out with her so that she can go do her trim trim trim~

Here is the difference:

So how is it??? Denius and Gillian said she become prettier ady!  Denius somemore add one thing: you face looks smaller lo!!!
What do you think??

Well, since I get to go out, I also play with my make up!
Really long time didn't make myself pretty pretty before go out de~

LoL... Really fat de!!!
Paiseh, show you guys such big fat bear... (Meng Leng keeps saying that I looked like a bear, lol)

We go out really just for her de... so basically we got nothing to do, and Yu Jun and I were having some cam-whore when Syn Wei is trying on her dress~ (*^__^*)

(really cannot stand beside Yu Jun when take pics... cause will show that I'm super fat!!! %>_<%)

So, how this 2 looks like??
Gillian said she looked like an artist!!!!

Do you think the same way as what Gillian thought?
I also did try this dress but is black in color.  Didn't take picture cause I don't think I manage to wear as pretty as Syn Wei!

p/s: dunno just now went out after us by the car de got enough petrol or not... >.<

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