Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take A Break

Study week already, didn't realize that this semester is going to end very soon, then I will have my 3 months holiday!
I am so happy with the 3 months holiday but too bad after the 3 months holiday I don't think I will able to go back home after a year of that.

I know now I suppose to be reading my slides instead of blogging here, but wanna take a break awhile la... =p

I am now seriously not in the mood of studying, wanna go home so desperately!!!

24 more days then I can go home!  Waiting for the day to come!!!!

There will be lots of Things-TO-Do and I think I gonna make them a list so that I won't miss out any of them to avoid my holiday wasted~

p/s: waiting, waiting, waiting...


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