Saturday, April 23, 2011

For 38 gang~

Who are they?
They are our third year seniors, lovely third year seniors. =))

I didn't know them when I was in first year first semester, but I know the existing of Wai Yen a.k.a. 818 (I don't know she is 818, and I don't know people usually call her 818.) Then when in 2nd semester, I joined SSIL night, I joined PMSSIL (only as secretariat la) I know Alvin Yan, Sook Leng, Lala (I heard her name since first semester because of the Labuan One Day Trip).
After SSIL night 2010, JCN somemore.  That time I was already in 2nd year already.  In JCN, I know Leng well already since she is my exco! XD  Then Eacy, cause she is the President, then Shiang because she is staying downstairs of my block! =)

And then APN, I get to know Alvin, Leng, Eacy, Lala, Jenny, Ah B, 818, more as all of them are exco and MT which we had to meet each other more to make the event better and goes smoothly.
That's why I am closer to Leng and Shiang, cause I have been co-operate with Leng for 2 events and she always so patients with me.  I also close with Shiang because always go to her room to talk to her when I got extra time.

They are going to leave this campus and this island to go Peninsular to start another life there, which will make us miss them so much.
That's why don't know with whose idea, they come out with this video. =)

Part One

Part Two

You guys really have to come back to see us, cause we gonna miss you all, miss the laughter, the noisy from you all.  Seriously you all make me realize that although this campus is not as comfortable or interesting than other campus in Peninsular, but you guys make the life lively here!
Really can't imagine our third year life without you all... *sob sob*

I wish you all here again that you all can get through all the difficulties that you all gonna face in the future.
Happy always~
Love You All~

p/s: try my best to attend your graduation~ hope no class on that few days la~ XD
p/s: bye bye~

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