Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surprise!!! ♥

Happy belated birthday to my room-mate ----> Syn Wei Khaw!

Since her big day when she was 21st I didn't get much time and vitamin M to celebrate with her, and plus now she is my room-mate, so I decided to help her to plan a blast one! LoL

Once Yu Jun's birthday ends, I already asked everybody who is willing to join for her birthday. (I knew that if I didn't take the initiative, nobody would have plan this celebration for her)  Well, obviously that wasn't a good respond as what I thought.  Then I started to emo because I can't do anything without any help from others!
When I emo, I blogged!
So here comes the supporter me ----> Ivy Khaw!!!

Syn Wei's sister.  After she read my blog, she came to me by email me.  She told me her plan and I thought it was a good idea so I merged the her plan into my plan!  And the result showed was PERFECT!!!

Here come the story from the very first one... A week ago!
I plan to not to prepare cake and replace with cup cakes, but is end of semester already, everybody starts to complaining that they got no more money to spend already.  So I came out with the plan of using eggs and burger only!  LoL
That wasn't a bad idea actually cause is creative!

But when Siva and Yu Jin knew about this, they said birthday cake is a must for a birthday celebration!  Since they say so, then just replace birthday cake with burger lo...  (I was very sure that Syn Wei never expect me to ask Siva and Yu Jin for the celebration XD)
Seriously it is so damn easy to cheat Syn Wei!!!  Really damn easy!!!
The whole week when I was planning for the celebration, she already started to give hint to me that she hopes to celebrate and she hopes to have a blast like what others have...  That time I didn't give any respond to her acting like I want to finish up all my assignment first cause all the assignment due date is on 8th, one day before her birthday!!!  Hahahaha...
She didn't know that day I went out with Siva is actually to buy eggs and order a cake for her!!! She is so naive la!!! LoL

Until yesterday, she started to complain to me that she wants a birthday celebration.  She told me that even her sister told her that not to put so much hope cause nobody will care about her and nobody will celebrate her birthday also.  She kept sigh for the whole day!!!  When she complained to me, I said sorry... I also don't know how many sorry I said already.  I even asked her whether want us to celebrate after we free or not, but she sounds disappointed and say no need!!! LoL
Guess what? when I said sorry, I was actually laughing!!! I really can't stop laughing but luckily she wasn't facing at me when I was laughing...  I can't tahan to laugh so I went down to Yu Jun's room to laugh!!! LoL

She some more told me that none of us got heart on her... She said Chris is the best cause he is the only person who sms her 'Happy Birthday' as others only posted the wishes in Facebook!  LoL
Really laughed die me!!!!! hahahaha

The night had come!!!  I wanted to bring her down with the reason I want to eat!!!  But she suddenly tell me that she wants to buy junk food, so I say okay but later.  Then we went down and I used another reason to leave her and Yu Jun so that I can prepare in pkp~
We didn't manage to make her 100% surprise, but we managed to make her cry!!!!! hahahaha

See properly!!! Her eyes are red!!!  She cried because of too touching already! The video touches her the most~

Happy Birthday once again~

So now are you satisfied with that???
Haha, don't complaint that nobody celebrate birthday with you ady la....
We will LOVE you always de~
Smile la~ O(∩_∩)O~

Wanna thanks to Yu Jin and Siva for the Birthday cake and the cable,
thanks to Wei Chien for helping to boil and color the eggs,
thanks to Edwin for designing the shape to give to Syn Wei,
thanks to Woon Chee for letting us to use his laptop and also the speakers,
thanks to Meng Leng and Jacey so nice to prepare the birthday card for her,
thanks to Yu Jun who willing to cheat her also~
thanks to Robin, Wei Song, Yee Lau, Chris and MC for coming!!!
Seriously an infinity of thank you from me!  Without you guys, the celebration won't be this fun!!!

p/s: I didn't miss anybody else right? XD
p/s: the video is touching cause consist of love from her friends and family~ sweet!!!
p/s: what I want for my birthday? go find a video for me also la.... I want a video that consist of my father, mother, brother and sister...  (just kidding la, cause I know it is impossible)

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