Wednesday, April 20, 2011


WARNING: if you don't want to read a post of scolding people, please stop continue reading this.

Why is it turns to become like I'm the one who did wrong?!

Alright, I admit that I a little bit over react at first.  I wasn't angry at first when I saw you tag me in pictures, but when I saw you uploaded everything, I feel pissed off, cause you took all the pictures and uploaded everything without my permission!
I wanted to upload myself, so that my hometown friend and family can see those pictures.  If not what for I want to take picture by using my camera?  Do you know that pictures in Facebook are sometimes couldn't be seen by non-friends?

When my anger is about to fly away, I saw some pictures in the whole album, picture of I took my own picture.  The anger came back!  I felt very angry as the pictures are kinda privacy for me!
I was so angry so I inbox you to remove the pictures that I mentioned.
But somehow, you over react too.  You block the entire album, and cause us not able to see other pictures which are not been tagged.
The angry level of mine raise.  I really don't understand why you want to block the whole album as I only asked you to remove 5 (I think is around that figure) out of 100+++ pictures that you have!  Am I too much?  Or you simply want to show me your anger too?

Sure you guys might think that why not I just upload pictures again to become my album.  I thought of that.  But the problem is if I upload again, there will be 2 same album (which contains the same pictures) and when I tag my friends, they will be wondered why they been tag twice as the pictures both are the same!
Even if this person deleted the whole album, I will not upload any single pictures also, cause people will still wondering why been tag twice!


So now what?
I need to apologize to the person to say that it is my wrong for being pissed off?  Why everybody has to see her face?  Why everybody has to care so much of her feeling and try to be nice with her as she is wrong?  I am not the type of person that will stop scolding a person even if the person come to manja me...  Sorry I'm not!
Come on la! I'm already kind enough for not gone to your place and scold you face-to-face!

p/s:  yeap, I'm scolding someone, and I'm expressing my feeling.
p/s:  if you think you are the one I'm scolding, please la, make the album visible for everyone and delete the picture that I mentioned so that I won't feel naked!
p/s:  if you choose to read this blog, you can come to ask for details but not complain, because I have already post at the very first sentence!

Thank you for reading. =)

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