Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wasn't My Lucky Day

Yesterday was not my day, seriously NOT!!!
I planned out every plan for myself so that I can complete the mission that I made for my own.
None of them were completely done.
Alright, never mind because at least I did do part of the mission and at least I tried.

At night I had meeting for APN (souvenir) at Exco's house.
I went earlier (is actually downstairs of my block), cause I don't want to be complaint that I stay so near and still can be late (be punctual as well la)
I got no idea whether I went earlier is a good thing or a bad thing.
Because I heard some conversations between them.
(I wasn't curi-curi de, I was sitting beside them and listen de)

Heard something not nice.
Seriously, I felt uncomfortable.
(because I felt I am the one that she is complaining)
Have to admit that I really don't know how to control my emotion
I have to pretend that nothing happen and continue with my stuff

I'm seriously not sure whether to be glad that I was there to hear those complaint or I shouldn't be there that early?
But since things already happen, 
I think I should put it as 'I should glad that I was there'
And the reason that I have been giving myself is:
at least I know that what she felt,
then make it different lo
avoid things to happen again

Good Morning  =)

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